Sunday, May 27, 2012

To My Granny

哇。。。 好香的鸡蛋味。。。Daughter exclaimed!!!

Yes, I am trying to replicate my granny's 鸡蛋糕.  Have initially searched my list of bloggers for a recipe of this "steam egg cake".  But realised that their ingredients are totally if not partially wrong! 

No people in the right mind will use Cake Flour to prepare this!! Don't challenge me .... I've tried it and am pretty sure it just don't taste GOOD!  And NO, gran definitely didnt add any 7-Up or Sprite or Fanta Orange to it!

Gran tried her hands in a few kueh kueh.  红龟粿,鸡蛋糕,发糕, ondeh ondeh etc.  Her 粽子 is another goody to die for!!!  I can eat at least two of them when they were cooked (we will touch on this, perhaps another day?)

However, I didnt fancy gran's kueh kueh when I was young but prefer the western cakes that can be found everywhere.  I find her kueh kueh 老土 (there is no such thing as preserving traditional food/cooking/baking at that time) and don't enjoy it when gran was preparing them for any special occasions like 中元节 and 天公旦.  We were forbidden to say anything that is considered "pang dang".  Will get a slap if we were caught!!!  

After married, I started to miss my gran's kueh, especially the 鸡蛋糕 and 发糕 that I loathed when I was young.... probably tasted some really bad 鸡蛋糕 and 发糕.

So recently, I pick up the courage to try to attempt gran's 鸡蛋糕.  Ask mum for help in getting the correct measurement of the ingredients but gran can't really remember it.  So got to seek help from 大伯母.

So, I tried it last weekend.  You have to be really patient in preparing it.  It takes about an hour just to beat the eggs & sugar to a smooth and creamy texture and there is really no short cut to it.  Here's pcis of it.  Hmmm.... it will probable taste better, softer with an additional egg the next time I am "steaming" it.  

Now, if you could execuse me.... I will check with mum what's the ingredients needed for the 发糕.

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